will vinegar stop dog peeing in same spot

Will Vinegar Stop Dogs from Peeing in the Same Spot?

If you have a new puppy or have adopted a dog from a shelter, it may take some time to crate and potty-train it. During this time, be ready with your cleaning supplies to clean your dog’s urine and feces.

However, it can get frustrating and can leave a long-lasting urine smell in your home. What is more frustrating is that dogs often mark a certain spot, peeing there every time. Your friends may have suggested vinegar as the remedy. But will vinegar stop dogs from peeing in the same spot? Here is your answer.

Will Vinegar Stop Dogs from Peeing in the Same Spot?

Yes, vinegar will deter dogs from peeing in the same spot. Also, it will eliminate the stench of urine if applied to an area that is still damp with fresh urine.

Dogs will refrain from peeing on a spot that smells like vinegar, as it is one of the odors that dogs hate. While a little vinegar will do nothing to human noses, it will irritate a dog’s nose.

This is because dogs have a very heightened sense of smell as compared to humans. They have around 300 million olfactory receptors, while human noses have only around 6 million. Also, the smell-analyzing part of a dog’s brain is around 40 times larger than a human’s.

Dogs have such a keen sense of smell that they can detect a single drop of liquid in 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools. So, it is no wonder that dogs accompany military and police officials in catching culprits, dead bodies, sniffing out bombs, and more.

One of the best ways to communicate with a dog is through its superior sense of smell, which is frequently used to house-train dogs and puppies.

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