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25 Questions For The Group Chat That Make Great Icebreakers

If you’ve got some new friends or just became part of a new group dynamic like a hobby group, getting to know each other is not always easy. However, a group chat offers a great platform for acquaintances to become friends. You can have conversations with multiple people and get to know each other in a comfortable way.

But how do you break the ice? These questions for the group chat will get your creative juices flowing!

What Is A Group Chat?

Group Chat

A group chat lets you add more people in a single chat room and communicate with them simultaneously. You can instantly send a message to everyone and wait for the rest of the group members to see, acknowledge, or reply to the message.

Today, everyone from schools and teachers to parenting groups to friends uses group chats. They can be formal or informal, depending on who’s using them. If you want a message to be disseminated quickly to many people, sending it through a group chat is the way to go.

Questions For The Group Chat


Saucy Questions For The Group Chat

#1. What is the worst thing that a person can add to their dating app bio?
#2. What’s a thing some people do that immediately turns you on?
#3. Do you prefer making out or cuddling?
#4. Have you ever gone a full day without wearing your underwear?
#5. What items might you buy at the store that will cause people to look at you strangely?
#6. Who was the last person you made out with?
#7. What is your favorite sexy scene from a movie?

Poll Questions For The Group Chat

#8. Which of these mythical creatures would make the best pet? Centaur, Dragon, Fairy, Unicorn, or Yeti.
#9. Which embarrassing thing are you most likely to do? Break a nearby object, Call someone the wrong name, Text the wrong person, Trip in front of a crowd, or Wardrobe malfunction.
#10. Pick a superpower: Flight, Healing, Invisibility, Super Strength, or Telepathy.
#11. What’s one thing you wish you had more of? Money, Fame, Free time, or Power.
#12. If you had to scrap all social media except one, which would you keep? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, or none of them.
#13. Which Harry Potter house best describes your values? Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin.
#14. If you had to pick one genre of music to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be: Ballads, Classical, Country, Golden oldies, Hip hop, or Metal.
#15. Which invention from the following list would you eliminate forever from the present, past, and future? 3D printers, Bicycles, Heated swimming pools, or the Internet.
#16. Would you tell someone if they had a visible booger? Yes or No.
#17. Would you rather: Be able to talk to animals or Be able to read everyone’s minds.

Miscellaneous Questions

#18. In a horror movie, which one of us would die first?
#19. Who would you choose if you had to talk like a cartoon character for the rest of your life?
#20. In an emergency, what are the five things you would grab first?
#21. Which unpopular fashion trend do you secretly like?
#22. If given the option to time travel to the past and give yourself some advice, which age would you choose to go to?
#23. The last mistake that you made is the title of your autobiography. What would it be?
#24. What are the five most vital things to you, except friends and family?
#25. You spend one year on a deserted island with a cartoon character who is your only chance at survival. But after a year together, that character would try to kill you. Which cartoon character would you choose?

Tips For Group Chats


Whether you are the chat administrator, moderator, or participant, it pays to practice good group chat etiquette.

#1. Always ask a participant’s permission before adding them to the group chat unless the group has already convened and agreed that everybody, for example, from a class, will be automatically added.
#2. Do not spam. Avoid flooding the group chats with unrelated messages like chain messages or ads for a product or service.
#3. Send messages at the appropriate time. Not everyone puts their phones on silent mode at night or even mutes their notifications. Be considerate, and do not flood the group chat with irrelevant messages that can disturb someone at ungodly hours.
#4. Group chats are intended to be an avenue for participants to share their ideas, ask questions, and make recommendations. Be polite and do not hog conversations. Let others talk as well.
#5. Avoid using caps lock even if you mean to emphasize a point or make sure everybody gets your message loud and clear.
#6. Never be the one to start or tolerate drama, backstabbing, or arguments within the chat. If you can, moderate any possible disagreements and have the people involved continue their discussions privately outside the group chat.
#7. As much as possible, do not send links and attachments in the group chat that can potentially include malicious information or malware. If you have to, always send links with caution.
#8. Give everyone the time to read the messages without calling out or mentioning a name. Remember that outside group chats, people also have an everyday life, and most people are not glued to their phones waiting for the next notification.
#9. Always be polite and kind when creating or being part of any group chat. Be respectful of others and be mindful of the message you send.

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