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Free Video Chat with Strangers: 11 Apps to Use

Sometimes, talking to strangers is easier online than in person. If you want to know some of the best apps to use, here are 11 of the best apps to use for free video chat with strangers.

These strangers can be local to your area, or from all around the world, so you can gain a variety of perspectives and cultures to talk to or find people you may want to be friends with near you. No matter why you want to video chat, these 11 apps are here to help you achieve that goal.

Why Talk to Strangers Online?


Though you might have grown up being taught to never talk to a stranger, there are a lot of benefits to doing so as an adult.

In modern times, it is hard to meet people in person. Most people are so busy with work and their lives that they don’t have time to go out and just relax. Plus, with so many online conveniences such as grocery delivery, online shopping, and more, there is little to no reason to go out anymore.

However, this does reduce how much you can meet and talk to other people. There are a lot of health benefits to meeting new people. Whether you are busy, struggling to meet new people, or don’t enjoy going out much, there are plenty of online apps to fit the modern timeline.

One of the big benefits is that your shyness doesn’t matter. Many people found that talking online was a lot easier than talking in person. You have time to think about what you are going to say next. Being yourself and being bold is a lot easier with a keyboard on your side.

You don’t even have to go into detail. Just participating in small talk with strangers makes experiences more pleasant, and makes you feel less lonely than if you are sitting or doing something alone.

While you should always be careful sharing personal information with strangers, especially online, having a few fun and simple conversations is beneficial.

11 Free Video Chat Apps for Talking with Strangers

1. Azar


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Azar is a great option for those who want to talk with strangers. You can either talk to them directly or post videos online. Most people compare it to a mix of Tinder, Instagram, and Tiktok.

There are chat services so you can talk via video chat, but you also can just post videos so people can find you.

The people you connect with are completely random, with no preferences based on religion, ethnicity, and beliefs. However, if you do want to pick more connected individuals, that is possible as well, so you can talk about your beliefs or with a shared common interest.

While the app is free, there are a wide number of subscriptions to choose from if you want to be more specific with who you talk to and what you do. If you haven’t heard of this app before, that is because it mostly gets people from the Middle East due to their preference for video chatting over texting, unlike the majority of the Western part of the world.

It is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

2. Moco


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Moco has a variety of different features. They have free games to play with strangers, forums, instant messaging, and even chat rooms. They often start in large chat rooms, but as you connect to someone, you can move on to more personal chats.

This app strives to have a lot of features in one app to allow you to communicate with people. You can send electronic cards, and even plan events from the app. There are even stickers, themes, and colors you can use to customize each individual chat.

This app tends to be focused on African Americans and Hispanics, and claims to be the largest social network for these populations.

It is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

3. MeetMe


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MeetMe is an online social app that allows you to video chat, message, and livestream. It focuses on connecting you to local people who also have the app, so you have the potential to meet up in person if you want.

It is similar to Facebook, where you can post videos, messages, and photos to your feed. It even works as a blogging app, so you can talk about your interests or ideas and people can leave comments to support you or share their own ideas and opinions.

Strangely enough, MeetMe does have a feature that allows you to buy and sell your friends based on in-app currency. Those that get bought often tend to be considered worth more.

If you are too shy to meet one-on-one, you can join group chatrooms, but you can also set up more private ones. These chatrooms can be either text-based or you can video chat.

It is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

4. Omegle


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Omegle is computer-based and doesn’t have an app available. However, you get the option to video chat or text depending on your preferences.

While these chats are completely random with who they set you up with, you can pick a topic to talk about. The chats are completely random. This makes them safer, but also a bit of a bummer if you are connected with someone, as you have no way to stay in touch with them.

You are supposed to be 18 years or older to use the app, but it is supposed to stay clean and is just made to talk about a similar interest.

The video chats are monitored, but there really is no way to confirm the age of someone since the site is so random.

5. Skout


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Skout is a mix of a social network and a dating app. You can talk to people all over the world and see their profiles, but when it comes to looking for someone to date or meet up with, it also lets you see those that are specifically near you.

The app has even tried to make a specific section for teens looking for someone to date and puts them in special teen chats that ban the private sharing of photos and prevent you from talking to people older. Unfortunately, since the app doesn’t have a way to confirm ages, there still is no guarantee.

While it can be a great app, it should still be used with caution.

Additionally, though the app works well for dating, many people find that they make a lot more friends than they do possible dates.

It is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

6. LivU


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LivU is designed to help people make meaningful connections such as close friends and potential partners. They allow video chatting, sharing virtual gifts, online matching, and more.

It even provides real-time translations, so if you get connected to someone and don’t have a shared language, you can still easily talk. You can find someone you want to talk to and are also online, or you can set up an instant live video match to be connected to anyone around the world.

It is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store

7. Shagle


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Shagle allows you to video chat with strangers anywhere. It is discrete and anonymous since you don’t have to share any personal information. However, you can filter chats to specific genders if you want or by location.

The app is nicely designed and easy to use. In addition to video chatting, you can also share images, audio, and video. While you don’t have to create an account, if you want to filter and track your conversations, you will need one.

They pride themselves on quick load times, so you don’t have to wait around forever to find someone to connect to. You can also skip around easily from person to person until you find someone you want to talk to.

8. Chatspin


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Chatspin allows you to easily text and video chat with complete strangers. You can talk to someone for as long as you like, and then switch to the next person easily.

You can filter by location or gender, wear an AI mask until you feel safe, and private chat with strangers if you want.

9. Flingster


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If you are looking to get busy and chat with multiple people at once via text, then Flinger is a great one to use. They allow you to chat with up to three different people at one time, but you can also video chat and video conference with people you have met.

10. Bazoocam


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Bazoocam prides itself on being incredibly safe from those that would fraud other users or abuse the system. You can video chat and text like normal, and narrow it down to people in your area. However, you can also play games while you are chatting.

11. TinyChat


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If you are nervous about talking one-on-one and don’t want that pressure, TinyChat is a great option. It allows you to join video chats with a group of different people. You can also use texting and audio to talk if you don’t want to use the video chat feature.

You will have to make an account to access a few of the chats, but you can promote your chat room online to allow other people to join you. However, unlike other apps, you can’t hide your face with AI masks.

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