best places to visit in south of france

8 Best Places To Visit In South Of France On Your Vacation

France is on the list of must-visit places for many, and while most only picture Paris, many other charming places in France will keep you coming back for more.

Southern France is one part of the country that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few decades. It is gradually but surely making its way onto the itineraries of tourists traveling to France. However, it’s a sizable area that you won’t be able to fully explore in a few days. Here are the top 8 attractions in Southern France so you can make the most of your trip.

Is Southern France Worth Visiting?


Southern France has gathered a lot of hype since the 1950s, but is the hype worth it? Hosting the Cannes Film Festival every year, Southern France has become a hotspot for celebrities who fall in love with the place after a single visit.

And what’s not to love? Hilltop medieval towns, endless vineyards, adorable villages, lavender fields, and sparkling seas make the place indescribably beautiful.

Whether you look forward to having the time of your life or want a serene holiday, this part of France will not disappoint you. Explore this part of France — its luxurious resorts, mouth-watering dishes, and architecture — for a never-before experience and Instagram-worthy pictures.

However, Southern France is so vast that you can run out of days without witnessing some of the best parts of Southern France. So here is a list of the 8 best places to visit in the south of France to make it a little less confusing for you.

8 Best Places To Visit In The South Of France

1. Avignon


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If you want an experience beyond film festivals and beaches, Avignon is the place for you. The lively city is full of character and is teaming with cafés and businesses. The streets are full of helpful people and students who are welcoming and hospitable.

But the city’s best attraction is its fascinating history, backed by its beautiful architecture. The place has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its architecture and the unique events that take place here.

Avignon hosts Europe’s biggest Gothic palace, the Palace of the Popes. This 14th-century palace is on the wishlist of many historians and architecture enthusiasts.

There are many other sites to see and things to do in Avignon, too. If you are impressed by Instagram pictures of beautiful lavender fields, visit Baronnies Provençales Regional Natural Park. It is a one-and-a-half-hour drive away from Avignon, and the best time to visit is between June and September.

2. Aix-en-Provence


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Aix-en-Provence is a calm, beautiful, and magical region of South France. Often called by nicknames “The City of Counts”, and “The City of a Thousand Fountains”, Aix is recognized for its fantastic waterworks spread across the city.

The city is soothing and ideal for people who would love to explore a place in a calm and unrushed manner. It has a laid-back charm and is worth a visit for a relaxing experience rather than for sightseeing.

It is a great location with colorful streets, beautiful pedestrian lanes, and unique outdoor markets. There are many museums, historical attractions, art galleries, and a lively nightlife to experience here.

3. Nice


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Nice is the picture that pops into most people’s minds when they think of South France. The biggest city on the French Riviera, Nice is often viewed as an entry point to the Riviera, and for a good reason.

Nice offers a scenic view of the sea with a 7 km road running along the coastline. This road, the Promenade des Anglais, offers the best view of the ocean and most attractions. Every year, in February or March, the Nice carnival takes place here.

There are also many restaurants, cafés, artisan shops, and historic walking areas here. Nice is one of the best places to visit in the south of France, surrounded by many beautiful villages and towns with excellent architecture dating back to the Middle Ages.

4. Saint-Tropez


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If you love water, Saint-Tropez is the place for you. This place, too, sits on the French Riviera and was once known for fishing. One of the most popular places amongst the wealthy, Saint-Tropez has been a famous tourist destination since the 1960s.

Many celebrities have paraded the place for its beauty, charm, and glamor. It is fit for tourists looking for art, nightlife, and hot beach clubs. In the summer months, it offers yacht rides, which it is famous for. However, the city’s open-air markets, cobbled streets, wineries, central square, and delicious food attract tourists year-round.

5. Cannes


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Cannes is a world-famous place, thanks to the Cannes International Film Festival. It has been representing cinema for the past 70 years. However, Cannes is much more than the glitz and glamor of the annual festival.

The place gives you a taste of southern France and city life; all you have to do to soak in the city is take a stroll through the streets. The beautiful beaches invite you to sunbathe and get an enviable tan.

You can also take a ferry to the Lérins Islands, where you can enjoy the natural beauty unadulterated by human activities. The island’s residents are Cistercian monks, who also offer wine that they have specially crafted.

6. Carcassonne


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If you love fairy tales, magnificent castles await you in the beautiful city of Carcassonne. You can stay in the impressive Castle Hotels and feel like royalty for a while.

The town is protected by walls, some portions of which are turreted towers, making them look like a picture straight out of a Disney movie. Visit the place for beautiful cathedrals, restaurants, shops, and great architecture, making the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Porquerolles


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For a never-before experience, hop on a ferry from Hyères for a 15-minute ride to the town of Porquerolles. Vineyards producing rosé and coastlines as white as the Caribbean will greet you.

This car-free island is home to only around 200 people, and most of the land here is either a part of a nature conservation area or the national park.

Rent a bike to explore the beautiful vineyards, shops, and local beaches. The locally-owned restaurants offer delicious food. The place is ideal for relaxation and taking in the beauty of nature, not for hurriedly hopping from one destination to another.

8. Marseille


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The second-largest city in France, Marseille is also the oldest city in the country. The history of the place dates back to 600 BC, so if you want to learn about ancient culture and history, Marseille is the destination for you.

This is one of the best places to visit in the south of France. The old port is still a trading hotspot, and you can catch the live action at the bustling harbors with sightseeing cruises. There are also many other sites worth seeing, like the hilltop basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde, which also provides a great view of the old port.

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