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  • The Top 10 Beer Holidays

    Nielsen, the data group which counts everything from web page views, to how many people watch American Idol, have determined the top 10 beer holidays in the United States in 2009, based on sales of cases of beer in the two weeks prior to the Holiday. The results may surprise you a bit.

    10. St. Patrick’s Day – Sales: 48.7 million cases

    9. Easter – Sales: 50.7 million cases

    8. Halloween – Sales: 50.9 million cases

    7. Christmas – Sales: 52.8 million cases

    6. Thanksgiving – Sales: 52.9 million cases

    5. Cinco de Mayo -Sales: 54 million cases

    4. Father’s Day – Sales: 57.7 million cases

    3. Labor Day – Sales: 60.2 million cases

    2. Memorial Day – Sales: 61.0 million cases

    1. Fourth of July – Sales: 63.5 million cases

    For the record, they don’t count Super Bowl Sunday as a Holiday, but if we were, it would end up in between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, with 49.2 million cases sold.

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