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  • The East India Companies Modus Operandi in a Nutshell

    Or, more specifically, how England and the Dutch approached their excursions into Asia.

    The Dutch invested heavily in the Dutch East India Company and used the profits to help pay for their Navy (well, Navies, really, but that’s a long story to explain here).

    The English invested heavily in their Navy through taxes and whatnot, and used this infrastructure to help support their merchant investments, up to and including the English East India Company.

    Granted, this is a little simplistic, but the core difference here is what is important.

    How does one go about explaining the nuances of this difference, as well as the results? Let’s just say that this is why we Americans speak English today instead of Dutch or Spanish. I’m only slightly embellishing here.

    Note: Sorry for the lack of posts of late, as I am both far away from home and also recovering from a fairly nasty cold.