At the moment, I am still laying a bit low. I have ideas, but they require a bit of money as well as infrastructure. The two are most certainly related. I decided that if I am going to do this, I'm going to do it as much on my own terms as is reasonable. That means ensuring I have the right environment, tools, and training/knowledge that is feasible.

This blog is included in that. It has been on the tool/stream of content that has been the most motivating to me, in ways that I have yet to understand. I like the immediacy of the blog and the informality that comes with it.  But I also think now that some of that immediacy and informality doesn't translate well to other mediums. 

But really, the point here is that you won't see a lot of immediate change, other than blog posts. Everything else will be, hopefully, much more measured and intentional than in the past. I will bring y'all into the loop on these topics when it makes sense to do so.