The Right To Ignore

Back when blogging was in its infancy, I held the belief that everyone had something interesting to say. Therefore, the blogging platform was a revolutionary piece of technology that removed some of the gates that used to prevent people from being heard.

That's changed somewhat over the past few years. Or rather, my perspective has become more nuanced. 

While I agree that people have the right to speak their mind, that's not the same thing as the right to be heard. No one has the right to be heard. To put it another way, I still have the right to ignore whatever speech I deem inappropriate, rude, untrue, or simply uninteresting. 

The frustration is that many people wish to circumvent the latter point - either through SEO, or even virtually shouting on the Internet. This gets tiresome quickly, and seperating the wheat from the chaff of ideas becomes more and more of a challenge.