The Tipping Point - Puzder

I suppose a fair many of us did a bit of reflecting after the election of Hair Furor. The line that was crossed for me was his (now-failed) nomination of Andrew Puzder to be Labor Secretary. 

First off, anybody associated with fast-food management is a dubious choice to defend the labor rights of individuals Puzder was more so,  because, as CNN Money puts it:

CKE (Puzder’s Company) agreed to pay $9 million to settle three class-action lawsuits involving overtime pay. Puzder told the Orange County Register in 2014 that CKE had spent $20 million on overtime lawsuits in California over the previous eight years, and that the company had reclassified managers as hourly workers as a result.

They overworked their salaried managers, they then refused to pay overtime, and had to have the government intervene in order to make things right, 

Fast-food franchises have built into them a questionable approach to wages. A "livable wage" is something that just isn't in their vernacular (with a few, very notable, exceptions). Putting a Fast Food CEO in charge of the labor department was nothing short of an insult to workers everywhere.

That was my line. I didn't know it at the time, but I do now.