Building the Best Sandwich

NOTE: No pics yet, as I'm trying to reacquaint myself with blogging, and my digital camera literally has dust on it.  I could use my smart phone to take a picture. But I still work (incorrectly) under the assumption that pictures from a smart phone are for suckers.

We at Casa de Hopkins have taken up a challenge that involves creating the best sandwich using ingredients culled from local supermarkets. The reason? Well, two reasons, really:

  1. We like sandwiches, as they make for an easy dinner project.
  2. There is a novelty to finding out what works for us. In essence, we're using a loose version of the scientific method to creating the best sandwich. We critique each meal we create, and try to find each one's weakness and strength. This amuses both of us to no end.

What we've learned thus far?

  • The bread used is critical. That may sound obvious at first, but even when you start playing around with using baguettes, ciabattas, or other similar "artisinal"-type breads, there are still winners and losers. But mostly we've learned that sliced bread is not the place to start. Our favorite thus far? Pretzel rolls.
  • Meat by itself is not enough for a great sandwich. Not even if you add bacon or some version of salami.
  • Mouth-feel is critical, equal to that of taste.

So far, our top sandwich is a turkey breast with genoa salami and havarti cheese, heated at 500 degrees for 7 minutes, and then served on a non-toasted pretzel roll with lettuce, tomatoes and some sort of dressing. It's good, but not great. I will try to document future sandwiches (along with pics) in the future.