Welecome to Tugoto!

There's several risks in writing about travel. The reason is both simple, yet complex - there are several philosophies and beliefs surrounding both the idea of travel, and the act thereof.

This is not a bad thing. In fact, it's one of the major reasons that makes travel so compelling. "Travel", as an idea, requires some thought, which inevitably leads to discussion, which leads to introspection.

This is my way of introducing you to this site. It's a travel site - blog at first, and maybe some other stuff later - where I will discuss things of interest to me. I'm going to try to avoid many of the major paths that others have trodden, and try to provide a more in depth approach. Conversations about a city will last months if not years.  The goal?  Create a context and provide some insight into why we go to places, and extract greater enjoyment from these all-to-rare moments in our lives.