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  • Mexican Coca-Cola Redux

    We’ve talked about Mexican Coke before, and my position hasn’t changed at all in the past two months. Pure Cane sugar sodas taste better than those with super-sweetened HFCS and Coke executives are still clueless when it comes to addressing this issue. But here’s a new article to fill those of you new to issue, chock full of the vacant stares and misrepresentations of fact from Coca-Cola. Let’s go over a few, shall we?

    Point one (from the article):

    The Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. has condemned the recent imports across the country as a form of “bootlegging.”

    It’d be a form of bootlegging except for that one pesky fact that it’s not actually illegal to import Coca-Cola from Mexico. Coca-Cola would prefer you to not import colas from outside of the U.S. as it interferes with regional bottlers and distributors and the various contracts between them and the Atlanta Headquarters. But “bootlegging”? No.

    Point two:

    it’s the “same exact product,” and Mexican bottlers are buying the ingredients straight from the company, says (Mart) Martin (a spokesman for Coca-Cola’s North American division in Atlanta).

    Except for, you know, it isn’t the “same exact product”. Cane Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup are not the same thing, with each having it’s own unique taste. Sure, both are sweet, but one is certainly more sweet than the other.

    Point three:

    …the company line all along has been that there is “no perceptible taste difference” between Mexican Coke and the American-made Classic Coke.

    Bzzzzt!! Wrong again. See above.

    The article’s main thesis is that the popularity of Mexican Coke is due in large part to nostalgia, a claim that I’m in no position to refute or agree with.

    However, for Coke to say that Mexican Coca-Cola is the same as American made Coca-Cola simply isn’t true. One is made with corn and the other is made with cane sugar.

    UPDATE: Jason writes in, stating that Kosher Coca-Cola, made without HFCS, is now available in several markets in the United States.

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