What Am I Working On?

There are two paths I want to follow - traditional publishing, and then self-publishing. I do this mostly because one of the topics I want to write about is in a historically over-saturated marketplace - Guidebooks.

I'll fill you in on the details as they are discovered and/or created and then evolved, but I wanted to write a travel guidebook that I'd be interested in reading fully, rather than the 10% of the value I typically get from most. I have a rough outline of what this should look like, but it's still a rather new concept, so...stay tuned? You've seen bits and pieces of this idea already on this site, but it's time to formalize the concept. 

This will be the self-published book, in case you haven't yet guessed.

The second project I will try to sell to traditional publishing houses - and it's about the history of Apple Pie.  What makes this different is the approach I wish to take.  

Like the guidebook, it's still a relatively informal idea that I'm still toying with in my head.  The book proposal will need a fair bit of work, and I believe I want to get a majority of chapters in place before I write the proposal, a tactic different from my previous approaches.  

I'm writing these down now as a formal commitment to these ideas, as immature as they are.  I'll bring y'all in on the bits and pieces of them when appropriate to do so.